Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Snape, Actually

Sipping grappa this evening . . . not a good state of mind in which to view the latter half of Love, Actually. Surprising as it may seem, I've never viewed the blasted thing all the way through. I repeatedly tune in on that scene wherein three lovely American girls seduce a rather dysmorphic looking Englishman. Ridiculous!

The entire movie is a fantasy. Have you seen it? That Handbag interview I did, they called Love, Actually "one of the biggest British films of all time." One of the biggest! One of the most over-populated, certainly. I counted scenes -- I'm in fewer than one in ten. The whole thing was a bewildering chaos. And, poor Emma! Emma Thompson is a lovely actress, but you wouldn't know it in this movie. Wardrobe dressed her in a grey potato sack and Curtis told her to mope. "More moping," he'd cry. "What's that -- a half-grin? We'll have none of that!"


Kate, you asked: "Snape or Rickman?" Truth be told, I could not write a Snape-only blog. I'll tell you a secret: I haven't read a single Harry Potter novel. Take a look at how I responded to Ms. Muskoron in that Handbag interview:

Q: Have you read all the Harry Potter books? Are you a fan?

A: You can't stop turning the pages, can you? But I haven't read them all - I have to try to catch up as we film.

Brilliant response! You can't stop turning the pages -- you'll note I said nought about reading the pages. Fat lot of rubbish, if you ask me.



Blogger Kate R said...

bwwwwaaaaaaa This is as disappointing as finding out who deep throat really is.

You are good at voices, doulgas--freakishly good at them.

et tu, Mel?

6:12 AM  
Blogger Douglas Hoffman said...

Doulgas here. I am not Mel -- I couldn't possibly manage the Latin to fake a site like that, nor would I want to channel Mel Gibson. Eeew.

Alan Rickman is a different story. He's one of my favorite actors. I've liked his every role, even in Dogma (he was the only person I liked in Dogma). Aside from implying a certain degree of arrogance (oh, but he does arrogance so well) I'm trying to keep this blog polite and respectful.

If I may, let me plug one of my favorite movies: Something the Lord Made (not religious, despite the title). I hyped it on my blog on Blog About Racism Day, but it's worth hyping every chance I get. Lots of AR goodness in that movie, and Mos Def gave a stupendous performance, too. Search for this movie. Watch it.

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Darkirony said...

Well, better than Gambon, who hasn't read a single one of the books. And it so shows. Almost enough to make a crone cry.

Thanks for a great chuckle, Severus (boy, that's an odd thing to say). Found your post on Harry Whittington's blog. I love the surreal . . . more things in life should be so surreal.

12:24 PM  

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