Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My friend Mel is suing himself.

Mel Gibson, the witty and urbane Latin-flinging blogger, is being threatened by the lawyers of Mel Gibson, the pompous, talentless actor. Now, I may be Hammersmith-born, but I do have a rudimentary understanding of your American Constitution. I had thought that satire enjoyed protection under the First Amendment, particularly if the satirical product brought no income to its author.

Apparently, the incandescent minds at Quinn, Emanuel, Urquhart, Oliver, & Hedges lack familiarity with the law. One of the respondents at Mel's Musings has kindly provided links here and here regarding the workings of fair use law.

I shall watch with baited breath, and provide such comfort as I may. We faux actors must stick together.



Blogger Anne said...

Hahahaha. That's the first I'd seen of either "Mel's Musings" or your lovely blog. Both are simply snarktastic!

Love the title of this entry, too. Keep up the great work (and avoid letters from Rickman's lawyers!) ;)

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Is it true, the rumors about you and Narcissa Malfoy? The poor dear needs comforting, now that her beloved Lucius is in Azkaban. (It doesn't hurt that she's a stacked blonde who's richer than the Gringotts goblins.) Or is it rather Hermione Granger who you've been showering with -- erm -- attention lately?

Do let us know.


8:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and if you're wondering How Severus Got His Plummy Accent, the answer is below. Will appeal especially to fans of BBC Radio 4:

8:26 PM  
Blogger Professor Snape said...

Rest assured, I shall do my best to ease Cissy's sorrows during Lucius's present incapacitation. As for Miss Granger, if she continues her support of young Weasley and that verminous Potter, her sorrows will know no bound.

8:01 AM  
Blogger Mel said...


The talentless muggle hack has dropped his lawsuit against me! Gratia for your support (although God was a bit miffed that I did not condemn you for your wizardry!). Please send me an e-mel, via the mel box, I would like to ask for your support in another top secret endeavour.

9:09 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

Yikes! Mel and Prof Snape in cahoots :-)

1:20 PM  
Blogger Lily said...

Now I'm not a lawyer but I was told the distinction is not whther or not you get money from satire..people make money from satire all the time..but that the legal standard on satire had to do with the 'reasonable person's ability' to understand that it IS satire, obviously a joke. The world is full of profitable satire, Saturday Night Live, The Onion, Daily Show, etc. but the difference is that regular average people know this is not truth. Trouble comes when satire hits very close to home or is used to defame or hurt one's reputation. Satire as a vehicle for expressing critical sentiments are protected under the Constitution. Blog on, snape....

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Bum said...

More Posts Please!!!!!

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear, Professer Snape
r u really professer snape that played in harry potter?

5:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if u are is it hard learning what u have to say,did u know that hermione was using a time watch to do more test

5:16 AM  

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